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Shantui SD42-3 bearing 31Y-18-02000

Shantui SD42-3 bearing 31Y-18-02000

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Part name:bearing
Стоимость:По запросу
Part No:31Y-18-02000
No on diagram:16
Group of spare parts:FINAL DRIVE ASS’Y (смотреть схему и фото)
Description:It is installed on the Shantui SD42-3 in the group FINAL DRIVE ASS’Y
Guarantee:Specifies when ordering.

SD42-3 steering clutch , 31y-16-00042

oil seal 31Y-31-04000
NUB 31Y-16-00026
track shoe 31Y-41-00001
bearing GB276-6022C4
bolt 31Y-82-00017
Bolt 31Y-82-00019
bolt 01011-52410
bolt 01011-62725
bolt 01084-01860
bolt 31Y-41-00002
bolt 31Y-41-00012
bolt 09203-12490
bolt  01010-82460
SHAFT 31Y-02-01008
shaft 31Y-15A-00006
shaft 31Y-18-00010
driving gear 31Y-18-00018
Shaft 31Y-18-00041
gear ring 31Y-18-00016
drum 31Y-18-00035
gear ring 31Y-18-00031
Bushing 31Y-82A-00006
Bushing 175-78-21740
SHAFT 31Y-02-00009
Bushing 31Y-16-00016
retainer  31Y-31-00004
bushing 31Y-31-00006
bushing 31Y-40-00016
bushing 31Y-40-03301
bushing 31Y-31-00001
bushing 31Y-31-00012
bearing 31Y-31-05000
“Repair Kit, Ripping Hyd. Cylinder”
bushing 31Y-40-03310
bushing 31Y-40-11000
bushing 31Y-40-12000
bushing 31Y-40-21003
bushing 31Y-41-00004