Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., was a national category I key enterprise integrating research & development,production and sales of main engine products and key components of earth moving machinery, pavement construction & compaction machinery, building machinery, hoisting machinery and other construction machinery series products; and it is also a state-owned joint-stock listed company. It is one of the top 50 manufacturers of construction machinery in the world, and one of China’s top 500 manufacturers.

Main products include 13 categories of main engine products, such as bulldozer series, road machinery series, concrete machinery series, loader series, fire vehicle series, aerial platform vehicle series and crane series, as well as accessories for construction machinery, such as chassis part, drive part, structural part, casting part and hydraulic oil cylinder; in which, Shantui bulldozer has become the first brand in China, and has won the sole gold medal in the bulldozer industry all over the country.

Shantui Spare Parts Filed:

  • Shantui series bulldozers include 12 horsepower grades, i.e. 520, 420, 320, 240, 230, 220, 200, 160, 130, 110, 100 and 80.
  • Shantui 6t, 5t and 3t series of loaders are configured with Weichai and SDEC engines, thus possessing strong power and large torque reserve and being able t exert powerful drive force and excavation force to enhance working efficiency.
  • Shantui series road rollers mainly include mechanical vibratory road roller with single steel wheel, full-hydraulic vibratory road roller with single steel wheel, static rolling type, double steel wheel and pneumatic tyred rollers.
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